Setup with Lexpa!
Lexpa - Inno Setup Integration for Visual Studio
Create your Inno Setup project as part of Visual Studio solution and get all benefits from using common IDE!

Main View

Main View A screenshot of a multi-project Visual Studio solution, where Lexpa project among other solution projects. You can easily add Lexpa project to your solution and edit Inno Setup based installation right within your solution. Lexpa brings all the power of the Inno Setup installer to your favorite IDE!

Inno Setup Script Editor

Inno Setup Script Editor Visual Studio has a rich set of functions for source text editing which significantly saves your time: find and replace (including regular expressions), undo/redo, go to a specified line, code navigation, line numbers, and lots of others. With Lexpa all these features become available for editing Inno Setup script files.

New Project Type

New Project Type To add an Inno Setup based installation project to your solution just take the following steps:
  • Click menu command File -> New -> Project
  • Select Lexpa Projects group in poping-up New Project dialog
  • Select Inno Setup Project and click OK to create a new project

Error List

Error List Sometimes one makes errors. But don’t worry about that! Lexpa will show you where the error is located in your sources. Once an error occured during the project compilation, it appears in the Error List window as a line, containing the error description and location; and you can easily jump to the error by double clicking on this line.

Syntax Coloring

Syntax Coloring Syntax highlighting (systax coloring) is a strategy to improve the readability and context of the text. Syntax highlighting helps programmers find errors in their programs. Lexpa provides customizable syntax coloring for all elements used in Inno Setup scripts. Adjust fonts, their styles and sizes, front and background colors to your liking! To adjust the syntax highlighting, all you need is to follow the steps below:
  • Go to menu Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors
  • Find Lexpa items in 'Display items' list
  • Adjust whatever you wish

Build Events

Build Events In Lexpa project you have the possibility to execute some commands before, and/or after the project compilaton. That can be useful for some extra steps during the setup creation, such as:
  • Copying files from/to somewhere
  • Performing obfuscation
  • Adding protection
  • And many similar routines

Source Code Control

Source Code Control The Source Code Control (SCC) system is an essential tool for any project which has several people working with multiple source files. It provides a way to keep track of a source file's development and to prevent it from being altered by more than one person at a time. Visual Studio allows to seamlessly use various Source Code Control providers: Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual SourceSafe, Perforce, SVN, etc. You can control your Lexpa projects with any of them.