Setup with Lexpa!
Lexpa - Inno Setup Integration for Visual Studio
Create your Inno Setup project as part of Visual Studio solution and get all benefits from using common IDE!

Setup with Lexpa!

Lexpa seamlessly integrates Inno Setup (FREE installer for Windows programs) with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Lexpa allows you to create and build Inno Setup projects using Visual Studio. With Lexpa, you can create excellent Inno Setup based installers right within Visual Studio getting all benefits of common integrated environment. Try Lexpa for FREE now!

Key features

  • Full Inno Setup scripting integration to Visual Studio
  • Configurable syntax coloring for Inno Setup script files
  • Full version control system support
  • Complete integration to the solution build process
  • MSBuild support
  • Pre- and Post-build commands support
  • Quick jump from Error List window
  • See all features

Reasons to buy

  • Make your setup better, smaller and faster with Lexpa InnoSetup for Visual Studio!
  • Save your time developing setup project within your favorite IDE!
  • Use your favorite commands / menus / shortcuts in your well-known IDE!
  • Keep your setup project sources version controlled!
  • Get free support and updates to new versions!
  • Save your money with us! Order Lexpa InnoSetup for Visual Studio only for EUR 42.00 (about USD 62.00) now!

Any questions?

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